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¿Cuál es el primer paso para digitalizar mi negocio?

¿Por qué son importantes las plataformas digitales?

Los 5 elementos de
la digitalización

Estrategia de ventas digitales


1. WEB DESIGN. Understand and improve the customer experience.


We already know what we want to project and to whom we want to show it. The time has come to set up our best showcase. The website of a company is, on many occasions, the starting point of the relationship with a client. Therefore, in this showcase we have to capture the appropriate information and the most suitable images, without forgetting that the user experience when browsing our website is comfortable and pleasant, or else, we will achieve a rebound effect.

Factors such as the design, web architecture, text or SEO of the page, are elements that can be worked easily and effectively if you make your page in WordPress and also, they will allow you to have some control over your page.

2. RRSS. Where should you be or not?

Social networks are the form of two-way communication par excellence, but once again it is necessary to be clear in advance about the profile of the public we want to address and the objective when managing social networks. Only in this way will we make the right decision and avoid wasting time and money.

It is not the same that our objective is to generate traffic to our website (in that case Facebook is a good option since it is the oldest network and that offers us more segmentation options), that we want to show the most artistic and aesthetic facet of our business (then Instagram and Pinterest are interesting options to take into account), that we want to promote videos (YouTube is the ideal network to create valuable audiovisual content), want to create synergies and do networking (without a doubt Linkedin is the network most focused on professional field) or a mixture of all of them.

3. BLOG: How and why?

This virtual notebook has different functions that will have been previously defined within the digitization strategy. But broadly speaking, we can say that it fulfills two vital functions:


- nurture the web with content

corporate and / or of interest to the reader.

- improve the SEO of our website.

pexels-pixabay-261662 copia.png
4. GENERATE CONTENT. Yes, but let it be of value.

Networks are a channel of direct contact with the customer. In addition, they serve to build loyalty, gain credibility, strengthen the image of the brand and ultimately position yourself in the top of mind of the client.

For this you must supply them with content, but what content? The viewer expects to find less commercial and more authentic content, and also seeks to make a profit. For this, we will generate valuable content such as informative posts, video tutorials, video tips, special actions and contests ... they also hope to see beyond the brand, get to know the human team, its values, real cases of other clients ...

And with all this work to be done, don't forget to measure and monitor the results.

5. WORK ON WEB SEO: if they don't see you, you don't exist.

If you have the most beautiful showcase in the world, a wonderful company, you have improved your corporate image and you have quality products or services, how will you now get customers to reach you? Thanks to a good SEO job, you will get through the right keywords, get in the top positions of Google when the client looks for what you can offer.

Many businesses already know that this factor is one of the most important for their business and that it will basically make the difference at the digital level, between a client choosing your company or one of the competition.

6. DIGITAL MARKETING. Segment and decide who you want to reach.

In a complementary way to SEO or independently, companies draw their marketing strategy on and off. In this case, since we are talking about digitization, we will stick to the immense possibilities offered by the online world, whose main advantage when it comes to targeting our target audience is segmentation. If advertising in a conventional national medium we know that the scope of our advertising can be very large, in the digital medium we can also segment by sex, age, region, device from which the user connects and depending on the platform used, endless possibilities. Another of the great advantages that we can find in online advertising is that it adapts to all types of budgets, so we can play to draw different campaigns of greater or lesser duration and budget.

When it comes to carrying out digital campaigns, we can value using some of the platforms that are used most frequently and that offer the best results, such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

7. EMAIL MARKETING. Direct connection.

Email marketing is the digital strategy used to deliver the company's advertising / promotions / offers directly to the customer's email.

We want to focus more on the general fact of transmitting to you the importance of having a careful and refined database and of having an adequate schedule for sending this type of email.

In this case, in addition to the content, it is very important to have a careful visual design and a pleasant and simple user experience (that the information received is clear, visual, with the appropriate links and "call to action" buttons, etc. ).


One of the determining factors to know the success of digital marketing strategies lies in analyzing the impact of the campaigns, actions and content that we generate.

Only in this way will we know if we are approaching the objectives that we have set for ourselves or if it is necessary to restructure the proposed strategy, in order not to waste our time and money.


Actually, when the digital transformation began, many believed they were "capable of running a Facebook or writing a blog."

With the passage of time and the professionalization of this sector, we see that it is necessary to have an expert team in communication in startups and SMEs in the digital area. All these processes require, in addition to technical and digital knowledge, a good dose of autonomy, creativity and analysis.